Stashed (5): Neons

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Sunday! Hope you're all managing to stay out of the heat. It's crazy hot here and so bright. I could not take swatch pics yesterday morning because the sun was already too bright and was making it impossible to photograph things. Hopefully it will cool down soon. Anyway, today's haul is full of fun bright colors and one fall color. I am on a nail polish diet right now but before I went on the diet, I placed and order with Transdesign. I've been meaning to get the recent China Glaze neon collection for a while now but my beauty supply place ran out. I picked up the entire jelly set from TD as well as the 4 from the creme set that I ddin't have.

Of course I had to throw a few more things into the basket while I was at it. I mean, I was paying for shipping anyway, right? :) So I picked up Dare To Wear Lily Pad (bottom left) which I have been wanting. Also picked up 3 Misa polishes from the most recent summer collection. They are Peach Passion, Lime Love and Lovely Lychee. They look very bright and fun. I also decided to throw in one polish from China Glaze's fall collection. I picked Rendezvous with You, a foil-y, shimmery shade. 

So now I am official on nail polish diet. I need to save some money and am trying to shop my stash (which is extensive). Thanks for stopping by this week and happy Labor Day weekend!

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