Nail Pattern Boldness Bigger on the Inside

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hello again and happy hump day. I have a short week this week as I am taking Friday off to help my friend with her wedding. I am also doing her nails for the event (I also did her engagement picture nails). Hopefully we will get some pictures of them that I can show you.

But today I have an indie polish that I swatched a while ago but never got around to posting. Bigger on the Inside is by Nail Pattern Boldness and is a really vibrant bright blue jelly glitter. The name of this polish is a reference to Doctor Who. Though I do not currently watch the show, I appreciate its inherent nerdiness and I also love the color.

I needed 2 coats to get the color below. Formula dried quite matte and very gritty and a lot of top coat was required to get it nice and squishy looking. It's very sparkly and pretty. I just adore these types of royal and cobalt blues and can never say no to them.

This actually looks really similar to Orly Royal Navy. I don't think they are exact dupes but they are pretty close. I may have to do a comparison one day. 

Anyone else loves these bright blues? 

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