Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Demure

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone! I am still on vacation right now. I love doing nothing. :) Today I have something a bit different - a makeup review. Thanks for Nouveau Cheap I found out about a great deal that Walgreens is having on the Revlon Colorburst Balms this week. I love the ones I already have and figured it would be a good chance to pick up some of the new glossy and matte shades. The first one I picked up was Demure, which is from the Lacquer Balm (glossy) line.

Demure is a cool toned light pink with silver shimmer/glitter running throughout. I was hoping for more of a pinky brown nude but this is definitely more pink. As you can see below, it's pretty sheer. I have pretty light pigmentation on my lips so you could still see it, but not that well. I imagine that ladies with darker lips will have a harder time getting it to show up. 

You can't see it very well on my arm (like I said, it's sheer) but you can definitely see the silver glitter. I wasn't the biggest fan of the glitter because, without much color, it just looked like my lips were super sparkly. This one also didn't wear very long on me. I didn't time it but I only got a couple of hours out of it, max, whereas some of my other Balms last for much longer. It has the normal mint flavor of the other Balms, which I really like. 

While I was a little disappointed in this, I think it could work depending on your skin tone and what you're looking for. If you want a sheer wash of color with some sparkle, this might be the perfect shade for you. 

I have one more of the glossy sticks to try out. It's a super bright pink from the looks of the packaging. I am hoping that one has a better color payoff. Have you picked up any of the new Colorburst Balms? What's your favorite shade? Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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