Stashed (8): Cover Girl Catching Fire Collection

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hi, everyone! The only thing I have stashed this week is the new Cove Girl Hunger Games Catching Fire collection. I was lucky to run into an almost full display with the 9 polishes earlier this week at CVS. They were having a sale on Cover Girls as well so I was able to get all of these, after coupons, for about $20, Not bad. The bottles are really tiny. The covers are pretty great though if you like the foil/glass fleck finish. I have already tried a few of these and I really like them.

That's all I've stashed this week. I am trying to think of a fun mani for Halloween but haven't figured anything out yet. I love seeing all of the Halloween themed manis popping up though. It's getting me really excited about Halloween. Who doesn't love candy and costumes? Have a good weekend, everyone!

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