Stashed (10): Epic RBL Haul

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello and happy Monday! Did you all have a good weekend? Things are in full Christmas countdown here and I am trying to get all of my shopping done in the next week or so. This week's Stashed post consists of some really awesome nail mail. I placed a pretty big order during the Rescue Beauty Lounge sale a few weeks back. I haven't bought any of their polishes in a long time because they are so expensive, but I could not resist them at 50% off. So far, the polishes I have swatched have all been fantastic. So look for some RBL reviews to come soon.

I am going to try to remember all of the names for you guys. Starting from top left and going clockwise: Piu Mosso, Catherine, Ghost, Grunge, Become One, Insousiant, Killa Red.

I also picked up these two metallic foil shades from Seche Vite at Ulta recently. They were having a BOGO sale and I could not resist. They didn't have a lot of interesting colors and all of the top and case coats were already sold out, so I picked these two. They look fun though and the gold especially looks like it would be good for the holidays.

Did you get anything good this week?

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