Essie Butler Please

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy belated Valentine's Day, everyone! I really wanted to post some of my favorite V-Day manicures this week but I just ran out of time. Instead, I will show you what I actually wore on my tips this Valentine's Day.

This is Essie Butler Please, which I believe came out in fall or winter last year. I had been lusting after this shade for awhile and finally managed to pick it up over Christmas. As you can see, I also did an accent nail with Orly Dazzle. Butler Please is a bright blue creme. Here you see 2 coats with top coat.

I actually had some issues with this formula. It was slightly thick and goopy, making accurate application harder than usual. I found it to be somewhat streaky on the first coat as well though it evened out after the second coat. I definitely think I will be adding a drop or two of thinner before I use it next.

Despite my issues with the formula, I have to say that I love this color. The blue is so vibrant and pure. I don't think I have anything in my stash quite like it. This dried to a satin finish so you'll need a top coat to get it to shine.  Accent nail is Orly Dazzle, which is a really pretty silver foil. This one came out a few years ago and remains one of my faves. Super sparkly and fun with a great formula. It's not a manicure that screams Valentine's Day but it was what I wanted to wear and I am loving it.

What was your Valentine's Day manicure?

  1. I was wearing The Hunger Games: Stone Cold but it's pretty flaky now. I was trying on Zoya's Kissy which is that pink bar glitter I tried to send you a photo of... yeah, that did not work out.

    I think I'm going to clean up today and try Riveting + a top coat of Fast Track, which, if I remember correctly, came out awesome last time I tried it.


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