Essence A Piece of Forever

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello again! Today I have another polish from the Essence Breaking Dawn Pt 2 collection for you. This is 2 coats of A Piece of Forever, which is a slightly frosty warm gold.

This is probably my least favorite color out of the whole collection. I almost didn't get it but then the completionist in me came out and I added it to my basket. It applied well enough though and brushstrokes were at a minimum. As you can see though, the metallic nature of the polish really shows any bumps or imperfections. I must have tried this on after the glitters in the collection because I can see see some bumps. I  think this gold might also be too yellow for my skin color. Overall, not bueno on me.

  1. It's weird, I like it on you! Maybe it looks different in person.

    I think there are some similar metallics in the Hunger Games collection that look crap on their own but if you layer two they look great. I'll have to try and remember which ones.

    Yep, looked at photos again and I still like it on you.

    1. haha - thanks. and yes, there were definitely some colors in the hunger games collection that looked like poop (literally) on me.


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