Stashed (19): European Vacation

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello! It's been a while since my last Stashed post. I've been trying to be good and save money, so that means no new collections for me. While this makes me a bit sad, I know that I have a ton of pretty polishes that I've never used that I need to make time for. However, I could not resist it when a friend told me that she was going to Germany and London this summer and asked if I wanted her to pick up anything for me. She came home with the pile of goodies you see below.

Most of the nail polish is from Barry M and there are also a couple of German brands as well (can't remember which ones right now). I was really excited to get some of the Barry M Gellys and a couple of the matte shades. My friend also grabbed a couple of seasonal shades for me (hearts on the cap). I also asked her to pick up some tins of Vaseline. I love how Vaseline is packaged in the UK in adorable tins. In the U.S., we get this tiny plastic tubs that look that the big Vaseline ones. I don't like how narrow the opening is on the U.S. containers but love the tins. So every few years I will have someone who is going to the UK pick me up a few. Really excited to try the Limited Edition flavor. 

Thanks to my friend A who didn't think I was a total weirdo for asking her to get these things for me. What other non-U.S. brands do you guys love? Are they available here in the U.S. or do you get someone to mule them back for you?

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