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Monday, April 13, 2015

Hi, everyone. This year is seriously flying by. I have no idea where February or March went and April is almost over. I hope that everyone is having a nice spring so far. It's been very warm where I am so I feel like we've almost skipped straight into summer. I haven't really been painting my nails much lately. Blasphemy, I know. It's just hard to find the time lately. I also need a new digital camera but I digress...

Today I have for you another ILNP beauty. This is Iconic, which is a fantastic nude scattered holo. So far I am loving all of the shades I purchased from ILNP and I definitely want to pick up a few more when I get a chance. This was two easy coats.

  ILNP Iconic

As you can see, this shade is somewhat coppery but I still think it falls into the nude area. In the shade it's a pretty, silvery nude but in the sun is a fun holo explosion.

ILNP Iconic

Holos are a weakness of mine and ILNP has some really amazing ones. I totally recommend checking them out if you like pigmented polishes and holos. Thanks for coming by. Hoping it won't be so long between posts next time. :0

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