Urban Outfitters Silver Holo

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello and welcome to my first real post here on The Painted Ninja. Figured I would start off with a bang with one of my favorite recent polish purchases. Urban Outfitters came out with several holo polishes late last year. Rumors are that the UO holors are the recent Color Club holos, just repackaged. I don't know if this is true or not but this was available before the CC's appeared and I have to say that I love this polish.

Silver Holo is exactly that, a silver holo. It's a really fabulous and super strong linear holo. While holos are known to have some application issues, this went on like buttah. 

Here's Silver Holo in indirect sunlight. You can see the rainbows starting to appear. However, it doesn't become magic until you get it in full light.

Look at these gorgeous pics in the sunlight. The rainbow in this is intense and sooooo pretty.

Here are my nails outside in the shade. As you can see, it just looks like a shiny silver in the shade. Pretty, but not spectacular. 

But look what happens when the sun comes out. Magic. Seriously, y'all, I could not stop staring at my fingers whenever they were in the sun. The rainbow on this is really strong and so beautiful. If you like holographic polish, you need to get this. 

Ugh, totally gorgeous. It was almost to the point where it was a driving hazard because I kept wanting to stare at my nails while on the road. Like I said, formula was fantastic. This is 2 coats with top coat. The top coat did not affect the polish. As you can see, there was plenty of holo goodness shining through. No issues with chipping either which happens sometimes with holos. This lasted quite a while on my nails with no problems.

I believe this is still available at Urban Outfitters. There were two other colors but I haven't gotten them yet. I think I will just get the Color Club ones since I have a beauty supply store near me and it'll be cheaper. But I highly, highly recommend this one. Thanks for stopping by my first post. Hope you guys liked it and I'll be back soon. :)

  1. Love this color. Wish I didn't bite my nails. Nail polish blog is cool.

    1. we shall cure you of this one day, i swear it. :)

  2. Wow the sun pictures are stunning! :-)

    ~ Yun


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